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Company as unusual as you can get

We are a no management company that values diversity and believes that information, transparency and collaboration will lead your product to success.

We optimize for good collaboration

Obviously craftsmanship and technical skills are pivotal when we look for new hires. They don’t come first, though.

For us the way people collaborate with each other and with clients is absolute paramount.That’s why we care so deeply about our organizational culture. It is what makes us who we are and we understand how fragile it is.

Our organizational culture is also what differentiates us from other companies alike. Its cornerstone is transparency.

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Transparency to the full

Transparency is absolutely crucial as it translates to trust. We don’t believe that any relationship, business or other, can last in the long run unless we can build mutual trust.

It wouldn’t be possible to expect us to be transparent in front of our clients if we weren’t completely transparent in front of ourselves. That’s why everything at Lunar is transparent.

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> 50% women developers
0 managers
100% transparency

We take on responsibility

It doesn't stop at transparency, though. We collectively manage the whole company. We are a no management organization.

While we are in software business we define our ultimate goal as making our clients happy. Often it means building less, not more software. That’s what we frequently advise our clients. Even if it means less work for us.

In fact, that’s better, as we don’t complain that there’s too little work to do. We often have to turn clients away.

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„The team is friendly and highly professional, and they have guided us through the process with impressive responsiveness and patience with our ideas and requests. We are very happy with the end product and would gladly recommend Lunar Logic to others.“

Mia Pantzar
Policy Analyst and Communications Officer at IEEP

We do meaningful work

That’s also why we tend to be on the premium end of the pricing scale. We don’t believe that discussion about rates in isolation makes sense. What makes sense is the value you get for the money you pay. Our returning clients assure us that we provide good value.

And yet, we are always looking for new, interesting endeavors and new clients with great ideas.

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