Anna Migas - Graphic Designer Małgorzata Nowak - Graphic Designer

Hello there!

We are designers at Lunar Logic and we like creating meaningful, beautiful design with a care for details.

We treat every project differently, depending on the client’s needs, budget and expectations. We like to have time for research before we place our hands on anything and like to leave some space for thinking before doing.

If we are asked to create a brand identity, we like to connect the dots by creating mind maps and finding the colors and typography that match the product the best. On top of that, we think of the bigger picture: how the whole website might look like, feel, work. We consult with our clients at every step, we don’t want to spend too much time creating something that does not match their requirements or taste.

We love to validate our ideas during testing sessions with real users -- their reactions and comments are typically very insightful. It is always good to see if can user can act in a way that lets them use the website without constraints. It goes without saying that we have a team of testers in our company that check that everything works on each chosen platform.

While designing, we don’t forget about people who have accessibility issues -- they also have the right to access the content of any page without problems. Sometimes the hidden things are more important than those that are visible at first sight.

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