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What’s the best application to design? One that you can design forever and ever and bit more at a time. That’s why we love BadgerBadger. The app allows us to give other people in our team badges. Forcing us to integrate a do strange things… Don’t ask.

In this case, the design of the app was fairly straightforward. After all, it’s just displaying circle badges. How fancy can it get?

BadgerBadger - Mobile and Web Design

All the fun comes from designing new badges. By the time you’re reading this, we likely have more than a hundred of them. Drawing a new one often serves as “I need a break, let me do something awesome” kind of task.

BadgerBadger - Website Design 1

Oh, and the badges make for cute stickers. If you are a collector type you need to have them all. That may lead to rather non-healthy behaviors, but come on, you will get a sticker as a reward…

BadgerBadger - Website Design 2

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