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From time to time we have some slack. Then we come up with the ideas how to make the world a better place. At the same time, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we weren’t having fun. That’s how our estimation cards were born. A serious idea and a product that’s a little bit with a tongue in a cheek.

Estimation Cards - Cards Design

Not only did we design a site but also the physical cards. The size of the cards provide a set of constraints, and constraints drive creativity, that in turn prompted us to draw smiling trolls. And yes, we seem to have a pretty broad definition of smiling.

Estimation Cards - Design Process

Once the cards were ready we moved on to design the website. Is was designed as a single page app. We added some spice to during the design process. Each of the sections – call for action, the story behind the cards and purchase form – have different specifics and we wanted to keep everything nice and cute. Given that we’d had a smiling troll already, that might have been overkill but who knows.

Estimation Cards- Mobile and Web Design

In case we didn’t reach a satisfactory level of cuteness, we added a few bells and whistles, like card animation and um, a brain. We’re still discussing whether it sways, floats or swings.

Estimation Cards - Website Design

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