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Design always has to be set in the context. Hypoguide is a mortgage aggregator for the Swiss market. That’s why you won’t find too many rainbows and unicorns there. It’s look is cold and professional. And of course, it’s pixel perfect. Would you expect a different standard from a Swiss bank?

Hypoguide - Mobile and Web Design

Well, we definitely didn’t think that a mortgage application can be as complex as it gets in Switzerland. Getting all the complexity into forms was quite a task. Of course everything had to be perfectly aligned. On all devices. Swiss perfection.

Hypoguide - Website Design 1

The human brain processes visual information much more efficiently than text. That’s why have a bunch of graphic tools that present sophisticated financial parameters of different mortgage offers. After all, we want customers to get the best mortgage available even if we don’t completely understand why the banks made the process so complex.

Hypoguide - Website Design 2

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