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Sometimes you stumble upon an idea that you just cannot leave behind. And this was the case with JS Ipsum. Ania was in a process of creating a conference presentation and at one point she had to create a tag cloud with the names of the hottest new technologies. While preparing the tag cloud, it was hard not to spot how many of the names are unfamiliar, weird and that the technology descriptions all sound like blabber at first. That's when the idea to generate such blabber at random (purely for fun) came up.

JS Ipsum - Graphic Design

When we started creating the page, we knew that we wanted to use a monster theme and make it look fun, as it reflects the conflicted feelings that we and many others have about Javascript.
Gosia started sketching the monsters right away and created rough mockups of the ideas of how to combine the illustration with the text.

JS Ipsum - Graphic Design Draft JS Ipsum - Graphic Design Draft JS Ipsum - Graphic Design Draft

We chose the third sketch with the monsters at the top and Gosia prepared more detailed and refined version of that illustration.

JS Ipsum - Graphic Design

Then we saw that initial ideas were kind of gloomy, which wasn't exactly what we were aiming for. The next day Gosia (already a little bit frustrated with the results so far) started drawing the monsters from scratch. A clean Adobe Illustrator canvas and a grain of frustration did the trick, and the final idea came to life.
Just look at this line of monsters awkwardly holding the banners.

JS Ipsum - Graphic Design

Few more tweaks and adjustments and the final website was done. Simple, yet cute and fun!

JS Ipsum - Web Design

...and in the process a very nice color palette was created that you might use in your next project.

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