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After what felt like a million years with our old branding we felt that we needed a new logo. And a website. And colors. Everything actually. Besides, who would give us as much freedom in the design process as we’d give ourselves?

Lunar Logic - Mobile and Web Design

We started with the logo. Not much of a surprise, huh? Given how few constraints we had we played a little word association game first. Concept maps helped us identify and focus on few key ideas.

Lunar Logic - Design Flow

Sketching was where the fun began. We iterated quickly through ideas until we settled on one worth turning into a real design. (Is it just me or you do also see tanks there?)

Lunar Logic - Design Process

When our team saw the logo everyone loved it. We also loved everything that went along with the logo: color palette, typeface, magic dust, and all the tiny details make the difference.

Lunar Logic - Design Flow

Having the basics figured out, we moved on to the actual website design. There was quite a bit of playing back and forth with different ideas for the team and project portfolio pages. After all design is not only looking nice, it’s also intuitive navigation.

Lunar Logic - Website Design

The final touches were the error pages. They are cute, aren’t they? And as a bonus for Gosia, she could draw even more triangles! Yay!

Lunar Logic - Website Design - 404 Page Lunar Logic - Website Design - 500 Page

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