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Skirmish is a meeting place for all folks working in game development. It’s been fun to work on because it’s the first time we’ve worked so closely with the gaming industry. It’s been also a challenge. Game developers set the bar high when it comes to aesthetics.

Skirmish - Mobile and Web Design

We started with an empty page and one of the earliest decisions was choosing a color palette for the site. Before our heroes took that quest we made sure their health and mana bars were full. Oh wait, can there be anything that fits better with gaming than health and mana? Red and blue. And the color palette was chosen. Phew, that was an easy quest.

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To figure out the UX we started with sketches. They’re cheap, fast, and disposable. And we don’t need electricity to draw them. In fact, these layouts were created in the sunshine, by the river, in a nearby park. By the way, it seems like was the perfect scenery for the creative process as the final design reflects the initial sketches almost entirely. Now we need to figure out what to do with the projects that we design during winter...

Skirmish - Design Process Skirmish - Design Process

When we moved on to the layout we wanted to make sure that everyone’s eyeballs would be focused on the artwork. After all, we didn’t want our design to stand in the way of the gruesome zombies, scary skeletons, sinister aliens and, um, rocks.

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These days responsive design is an obvious choice and a pretty standard requirement. It can be quite a challenge to display many different types of content and have it look great on all screens. But not one we couldn’t deal with flawlessly. At least that’s what our dear quest giver, I mean client, told us.

Skirmish - Mobile Design

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