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The idea behind Startpace is that it’s a single place that lets you manage online presence of your business. While we couldn’t ignore the business context of the site we didn’t have to be dead serious either.

Startpace - Mobile and Web Design

For the logo design, our client suggested that we do something with arrows. Constraints foster creativity. We embraced the challenge and designed something fresh and original on top of a familiar idea.

Startpace - Design Flow

We pursued a few ideas, finalizing both the logo design itself and the color palette. We wish we had a neat war story about that part, but it went super-smoothly. It seems that we don’t always get what we want.

Startpace - Design Process

The site ended up with strong color branding but seemed a bit soulless. We decided to pour some life into the design by adding hand drawn illustrations. It instantly felt more appealing. And yes, it worked great even for what was supposed to be screenshots of forms.

Startpace - Website Design

A big part of the project was a management dashboard with zillions of fields of all sorts. You know, the kind where usability is paramount and if you need to go for a trade-off aesthetics is a loser. Not that we needed to choose one over the other. But we would be lying if we said that organizing all the check boxes, date pickers, tags, maps, entries was easy.

Startpace - Website Design Dashboard

Finally, the illustrations that started as a way of spicing the site up ended up an important part of branding and visual language of the site. We created more images and icons and sprinkled them all around the site. After all, having a soul is so much better than not having one. Even for a website.

Startpace - Website Design Icons

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