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We are one of the most unusual companies around. Just to give you a glimpse: we have no managers. Every decision can be made autonomously by any of us . Be it deciding how you work or what your colleagues’ salaries are.

This means that when we hire we pay attention to what kind of person you are — at least as much as we look at your technical capabilities. As a matter of fact, the ability we value most is an awareness of and willingness to help out troubled colleagues. Software development is a team sport after all.

We code a lot in Ruby and Javascript. We also do quite a lot of mobile development and some Elixir. That’s the technical part covered.

We offer you a unique place to work. Quite a few people who left have since come back. This is the best proof that we’re doing something special on that account.

We encourage you to read more about the stuff we do. After all, as much as we want a candidate who is a good fit before we hire, you should want an employer to be a good match too.

Finally, a small hint: we really care what you write in that small box down there asking why you’d like to join us.

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Tell us why you'd like to join us and why you think you are a good fit. Please be mindful about the answer. We are not yet another software shop. We do care about our culture and how it is influenced with each new hire. We do care what you would bring to the mix.