We aren't the usual run-of-the-mill software development shop. Of course we do care about technical skills, craftsmanship and continuous learning. In fact, the bar for all of these is really high. That's common though. What makes us special is how much attention we pay to organizational culture.

We don't need awesome engineers. We need awesome engineers that fit into the culture. And our culture isn't anything like a hacker's culture. Software development is teamwork so we deeply care about the quality of collaboration. Not only as in "I can pair program like hell" but more importantly as in "I will be aware of and help a troubled colleague".

So there it is, tell us why you are an awesome engineer but also tell us why everyone loves to have you on their team. Most importantly tell us why you think you fit Lunar.

Note: one of the crazy things we do is we collectively decide about company strategy and our last call on that is that we don't want to grow. This means that most of the time we are not actively looking for new employees. This is one of these rare occasions when we do yet we are not in rush. We want to find somebody right, not necessarily to find them quickly.

High five, rocketeer!

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Tell us why you'd like to join us and why you think you are a good fit. Please be mindful about the answer. We are not yet another software shop. We do care about our culture and how it is influenced with each new hire. We do care what you would bring to the mix. *