AirCasting is a platform for recording, mapping and sharing health and environmental data using Android smartphones. The app can also be integrated with wearable air quality sensors and LED accessories. AirCasting’s recent Kickstarter campaign to create a new, innovative device was a great success.

Working with AirCasting was very rewarding, as the idea is very close to our values. We’ve built both the web and Android apps from the ground up. Among other features our team implemented was real-time data synchronisation, Google Maps integration and clear statistics visualisation. All that allows users to easily collect, view and analyse information about air quality in their area.

Our demands were never met with a "No", as the diversity of the development team at Lunar Logic guaranteed programming solutions across languages and platforms. Our architecture and designs were respected even as they worked with us to improve and refine them. It was incredible working with a team that could go from wireframes to a working website and Android app so rapidly.
Michael Heimbinder Founder & Executive Director HabitatMap

We used

Ruby on Rails AngularJS MySQL Android