ZenBe was a mobile and web app which allowed users to contextually share information with others. The app was a new, improved version of a basic email client. It had social media feeds, free storage space and more. It was acquired by Facebook.

We supported the ZenBe team in the software development area. Backend, frontend and tests - those were our main responsibilities. We also helped a bit with design. Main features which we implemented in the app, like files search engine and messaging system, became a base to build Facebook Messenger.

You get fully integrated calendar, task list, and address book capabilities, easily accessible through an ever-present sidebar. There’s a Xoopit-like tab with which you can browse all the files contained across your emails. These files are viewable by type: images, documents, spreadsheets, audio/video files, and events. As with emails, you can star files to indicate their importance; you can also hover over them to see previews.

We used

Ruby on Rails JavaScript